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Oil & Gas Mineral


We can help you determine the value of your oil and gas assets, whether they be interests in producing wells or undeveloped minerals. We have over forty years of appraisal experience and have valued properties in all the major producing regions of the United States. Our expertise includes the appraisal of unconventional shale wells as well as conventional properties.


Our valuations have been used in connection with: 


  • Loan collateralization

  • Buy/sell transactions


  • Corporate planning


  • Estate planning


  • Support in IRS disputes

  • Filing of SEC reports by public companies


Litigation Support/

Expert Witnessing

We are available to appear as expert witnesses concerning all phases of upstream oil and gas matters. Our experience includes appearances in State and Federal courts, SEC investigations, and hearings at the Texas Railroad Commission. We have testified in both civil and criminal matters.

Prospect Analysis

Oil and gas prospecting requires technical knowledge that is often beyond non-industry investors. We can fill that knowledge gap. We have vetted hundreds of prospects over the years, both as deal generators and as investors ourselves. If you are considering an oil and gas investment, we can help.

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